Prognosis, Prognosis, Will We Get a Diagnosis?

Since my last post, there have been no more surprise hospital visits, but a lot has been going on.

In addition to having an anatomy scan, with everything that has been happening we decided we wanted to know if there had been any effect on the pregnancy. Although we would have gone to term regardless, it gave us peace of mind, and just as the baby kicks had done, it made the pain of the past few weeks, disappear from my memory.

It is often banded about that you forget the pain of labour and discomfort of pregnancy once you have delivered your beautiful baby, and clearly that can happen during the pregnancy as well.

Upon feeling my baby kick for the first time, I couldn’t remember the intensity of the pain I had been feeling for weeks before.

At this time, I have been off sick from work for a month. I had a kidney scan last week, an ultrasound is the only safe way to view the kidneys during pregnancy, as I detailed in my posts on pain and medication in pregnancy.

Good news! There was nothing visibly concerning about my kidneys, so despite being in hospital with severe pain within my renal system a month ago, the cause (whether it was a kidney stone or not) seems to have passed and left no impact on these vital organs.

Where Does This Leave Us?

On Friday, I have another hospital appointment, this time at the urology unit.

The pain has thankfully decreased in frequency and intensity, but I still have seemingly random flare ups.

In addition to the obvious relief that two of my vital organs are functioning as they should and have come through unscathed, the results of the kidney scan mean that I can know park that suggested cause at the hospital door.

The aspect that has caused most confusion (and thus distress for this mum-to-be) is that with a kidney stone (as was first assumed) there is the intense pain that I experienced during my first hospital trip and then the pain decreases and passes along with the stone. What it does not do, is sit, constantly in the centre of your lower abdomen.

This is what was happening for the first 2 weeks, between our two midnight visits to hospital. As I mentioned, it has lessoned since then, from being constant to arising every few days.

This past week especially, it appears to have been most intense when urinating, as an acute cramping sensation. This has not been accompanied by any of the usual symptoms of a urinary tract infection (UTI), a burning or stinging sensation whilst passing urine.

So, whilst UTIs are really common in pregnancy, I think you can sense the scepticism I am feeling towards that prognosis.

We’ll see if we can get a more concrete idea of what is occurring on Friday…


Author: Dreaming of the Temple

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