Lessons from Blogging: Reflection

For me, reflection plays a big part in how writing a blog can hold great benefits for mental health. It is an aspect that I am not naturally good at. I am one of those people who jump from one project to another and am always looking for the next challenge. Whilst I find this fun and exciting, it does mean that I rarely take time to think about what I learnt from experiences or to really enjoy the results.

I am relieved that writing yesterday’s post held everything that I’d hoped it would. It was really cathartic. To systematically work through some really tough memories and to be fully aware about the feelings that those memories evoke. Publishing the post felt good as well. Whilst I doubt that it will have forever expelled those memories from my mind, pressing a button and sending it away did feel like I was finally letting some of those feelings go.

I am now feeling a lot more confident about posting and am looking forward to writing more about my personal experiences with mental health and the circumstances that I feel impacted upon it.




Author: Dreaming of the Temple

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. I am a history graduate, archaeologist and storyteller. As a convert to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, I started the blog to explore my religious experiences as well as my struggles and recovery from mental illness.

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